A Long Time in the Works

A Long Time in the Works

I have been less than thrilled with the inner workings of our website for a long time. The ecommerce company that has hosted us for over a decade is in bankruptcy and who knows when it will pull the plug for good.

Beyond that, we have seen some glitches that slow down the ordering process and frustrate our customers, which usually results in a phone call to the shop to place an order (which kind of defeats the purpose of a website, doesn't it)?

But building a website is a daunting task. I hired some experts because the subject matter was not in my area of expertise. That proved to be an expensive mistake. I ended up scrapping over 90% of the work they did. 

8 months later and I think it's fair to say I am now a competent self-taught web designer, though the coding part is still a foreign language. But I think this new site will do what I want, and in turn, do what you want.

  • Minimal visual distractions to enable people you focus on products that interest you
  • Fast loading
  • Clear images
  • Fast and easy checkout
  • The ability to easily set up recurring orders
  • Easy access to phone numbers and emails should you need to reach out to us

If you like the new setup, please leave a comment. If you don't love it, I'd appreciate your comments even more!

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  • After the fact, the new website looks fantastic. Nice job!

    Paul Fickes on

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