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January Newsletter


    Thanks for joining us! December was by far our best month ever at BCCR. Thank you for your continued business, and for thinking of us as a gift source for friends and family.  Now, as we settle in to the depths of winter, it is time to replenish low stores of green coffee (two big pallets arriving this week); time to work on developing some new commercial accounts; and time to prepare for the upcoming year.

    This month we introduce two new coffees and some new gear to help you prepare the perfect cup at home.


New Conservation Measures at BCCR


    As you probably know, Big Creek Coffee is the only roaster in Ravalli County certified by the MT Department of Agriculture as an Organic facility. This year, we’re taking new steps to reduce waste and minimize the impact on our neighborhood.  Not that these measures require a pat on the back or anything, but as customers you might like to know what we’re doing and how your purchasing dollars are being put to use. 

  • We’ve been using compostable kraft bags at the shop all along, but they aren’t suitable for shipping coffee or for extended shelf life. Finally, a compostable barrier bag is available on the market. We will start using these for internet orders and retail outlets in the next few months.
  • New Filtropa coffee filters. In addition to selling these (and I believe we’re the only business in Montana that does) we also use them in the shop and at the farmer’s market.  Dioxin-free, glue-free, chlorine free, oxygen- whitened cone style filters imported from Holland.
  • We’ve started an account with Recycling in the ‘Root, which now recycles all our cardboard and paper waste.
  • We compost our chaff (the paper-like skin that comes loose from the coffee beans when they roast).
  • We save up used jute coffee bags and sell them at $2 each (or sometimes just give them away).  Customer uses so far include: decorating a coffee shop’s walls, smoking out beehives, wrapping trees, and various craft projects. Let me know if you'd like one put aside for you.
  • We’ve ordering new cups for the farmer’s market and Big Creek Mobile Espresso. These are the “greenest” insulated cups on the market, and the winner of several best new product awards for 2011.




Help Big Creek Coffee Develop a Web Presence


    Want to help the little guy?  The coffee business is unbelievably crowded—especially on the Web, and the playing field between little versus large is far from even. May I ask for your help and a few minutes of your time?


    We are trying to expand our internet sales. Although we did ship coffee to 42 different states last year (check out our updated shipping locations map), we still want to be easier to find on the internet.  One thing that helps with search engine rankings is positive customer reviews. Reviews also encourage new customers to try us out.


    In five minutes or less, your input could help us reach more people on the web. If you’re game, please do any (or all) of the following:

  • Write a one or two line review of a coffee that you’ve enjoyed or a product that you’ve bought on our website.  Simply scroll to the bottom of the page for any item we sell and leave a short review for others to read. You can even remain anonymous if you wish.
  • On our Facebook page, there is a spot on the right side of the page where you can write a one or two-line recommendation.  Also, at the bottom left there’s a link where you can “share” our page with your friends.
  • Go to Google and type in Big Creek Coffee.  At the top of the search results page select the link for “write a review.” Google reviews will help us pop up on traveler’s Droids and iPhones when they search for coffee as they travel through Montana!



Thank You!










    That’s it for January’s newsletter. As always, thanks for following along, thanks for your continued business and support, and remember:


Life is Short. Drink Good Coffee.

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Coffee Farm in Rwanda



New Coffees




    It’s back!  The new crop of Rwanda coffees shipped late this year, but they are finally here. If you tasted this coffee last year, you’ll understand the excitement.  If not, you are in for a real treat. Order through the website and enter the coupon code RWANDA during checkout (January only) and save $1.50 on your purchase of this coffee.


Mokha-Java Decaf



Here is one of the best-tasting decafs available anywhere, at any price. Chances are you wouldn’t even be able to pick it out as decaf in a blind taste test. Works as either a drip coffee or espresso.  Try blending it 50-50 with your favorite regular coffee if you want to reduce your caffeine intake without sacrificing flavor.  Decaffeinated in Vancouver using the chemical- free Swiss Water Process method.


More New Products


Dioxin-free, glue-free, chlorine free, oxygen- whitened cone style filters, imported from Holland. 100 ct #2 for $4.  100ct #4 for $5.


Beehouse Ceramic Dripper



    Go old-school with this beautiful ceramic dripper. The pour-over method is one of the simplest and best ways to prepare a single cup of coffee. You control water temperature and flow rate, which you simply can’t do with Mr. Coffee and his friends. This is the same dripper we use at the shop, the farmer's market, and every time we go mobile.


Did You Know?

  • George Washington invented instant coffee.  No, not that George Washington! A different Belgian man with the same name invented it in 1906.
  • Technically, espresso is a method of preparing coffee. Although roasts for espresso are usually dark-roasted, any type of coffee can be prepared as espresso by forcing pressurized water quickly through a puck of finely ground coffee.
  • Dancing Goats: The Origin of Coffee.  Legend has it that Ethiopian shepherds first noticed the effects of caffeine when they saw their goats getting frisky and “dancing” after eating coffee cherries.

Winter Shop Hours

  • M-F 9:00-5:00
  • If I'm out on deliveries, please see Lynne or Jennifer next door at the law office--they are both happy to help with coffee sales
  • I'm often here and roasting on Saturdays, but please call first to see if we're open.






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